Utah Valley University

Location: Orem, UT
Founded: 1941
Primary Athletic Conference: Western Athletic Conference
Nickname: Utah Valley, UVU, The Wolverines
Colors: Green, Black, White
Mascot Name: Willy the Wolverine
Institution Website: uvu.edu
Bookstore: bookstore.uvu.edu
Alumni Association: uvualumni.org
Athletics Website: gouvu.com
Famous Alumni: Ronnie Price (NBA) Branden D. Miller (VP, Twentieth Century Fox) Noelle Pikus Pace (Olympic Silver Medalist) Chelsie Hightower (Dancing with the Stars) Jef Holm (Bachelorette) Christopher Fogt (Olympic Bronze Medalist) Travis Hansen (NBA) Mitch
Fun Fact: UVU is the largest public university in the State of Utah, with more than 37,000 students. (2025 proj. enrollment: 45,000.) Inside UVU's logo, the first ā€œUā€ letter has a hidden symbol: The shape of Utah. Utah Valley went viral with texting lanes.